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When Women Vote

When Women Vote is a Colorado-based organization whose mission is to

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improve the voting experience for all voters and make it easier for more women to vote. Because when more women vote, more women get elected and they prioritize policies that impact women and children.

Amber and Stephanie, authors of the book When Women Vote met during the 2013 Legislative Session in Colorado when they were both working on the voter modernization legislation and while they were also both pregnant with their second children. They are bonded by their shared commitment to ensure that women have equal representation from the ballot box to the boardroom.

Amber Faye McReynolds
Amber McReynolds is one of the country’s leading experts on election administration and policy. During her career, she has proven that designing pro-voter policies, voter-centric processes, and implementing technical innovations will improve the voting experience for all voters. Amber is now the Executive Director for the National Vote At Home Institute and is the former Director of Elections for Denver, Colorado. During her time in Denver, the elections office was transformed into a national and international award-winning election office. Amber was also recognized as a 2018 Top Public Official of the Year by Governing Magazine for her transformational work to improve the voting experience.

Stephanie F. Donner
Stephanie Donner has spent her career devoted to the development of women and girls.  She served as Governor Hickenlooper's Chief Legal Counsel and then went on to be Chief Legal and People Officer for Galvanize, a technology education company with eight campuses across the United States. Stephanie founded the Galvanize Foundation, a 501(c)3) that exists to increase access to tech careers for women and people of color and was recognized as 9NEWS Leader of the Year in 2017 for those efforts. Stephanie is now the Executive Director for Denver’s Emily Griffith Technical College - Colorado’s premier trade and technical college where she is focused on creating opportunities for all who wish to learn and driving diversity across all programs.

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