A unique curated bundle from the History Colorado Shop includes A vintage tea towel from the curator’s own collection, Lady Evans tea, the More Across Colorado Cookbook, and two tickets to the History Colorado Center

Apron Chronicles Bundle

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While many of us look to books and museums for history, we often forget the history found right in our very own homes. Our upcoming exhibition, Apron Chronicles: A Patchwork Of American Recollections (Jan. - May 2021) is a testament to the ties that bind people together and the stories that keep us connected. History Colorado is proud to be the final stop in the Apron Chronicles’ sixteen-year journey.

In this bundle, you will receive 4 unique items that were carefully selected by our staff: A vintage tea towel from the curator’s own vintage store, Lady Evans tea, the More Across Colorado Cookbook, and two tickets to the History Colorado Center to experience the exhibit for yourself.

1. Vintage Tea Towel from the Curator
EllynAnne Geisel curated and wrote the traveling exhibit Apron Chronicles: A Patchwork of American Recollections. She is sharing her passion for vintage domestic items with us by including a unique vintage tea towel in every Apron Chronicles Bundle from her private collection, Cheerful Vintage! The design of your tea towel will be a surprise as each piece will be hand-selected and one of a kind. 

2. Lady Evans Tea from the Tea Spot
The signature tea of the Center for Colorado Women’s History! Lady Evans Tea, named after Anne Evans, is a blend of Earl Grey with a sprinkle of lavender, vanilla, orange peel & other citrus. One hot cup will whisk you away to a relaxing day at the spa or romantic getaway en Provence—or to imagine a day in the life of Ms. Evans, who had an active hand in founding Denver’s most lasting cultural institutions. This tea is created by The Tea Spot, a Public Benefit Corporation (B Corp certified) in Boulder, CO.


  • Size 2.5 oz /loose leaf tea/ ~15 servings
  • Comes in a reusable, aluminum tin from The Tea Spot
  • Ingredients: black tea, lavender, orange peel, mallow flowers, bergamot & vanilla flavoring
  • Steeping guide: 1sp per 8 oz of water at 212 degrees for 3-5 minutes
  • Made in Colorado

3. More Across Colorado: Recipes and Recollections Cookbook
The sequel to the "Across Colorado" cookbook published by the Colorado Historical Society. Includes numerous old photographs and regional stories—so much more than a cookbook!

In this ever-popular compendium of Colorado recipes, the volunteers of the Colorado Historical Society share favorite family secrets and time-honored regional classics. Historical vignettes—as infectious in their own right as the food—accompany every recipe. The Colorado cookbook is illustrated with vintage and historical photographs, making for a cover-to-cover read unlike any other historical cookbook out there. Discover interesting history and recipes from each part of the state.


  • Paperback
  • Publisher: Colorado Historical Society, Denver, CO

4. Two Tickets to the History Colorado Center to experience the Apron Chronicles: A Patchwork Of American Recollections (Jan. - May 2021)

Enjoy a trip to the History Colorado Center—and bring a friend! When the major traveling exhibition known as Apron Chronicles premiered in 2005, its primary focus was to transport us to a simpler time. Today, as we contemplate how to move forward from a turbulent and disrupted present, Apron Chronicles gives us the opportunity not to escape reality but to see it in a different light. Come explore the themes of hope, connection, survival, achievement, regret, and liberation, as told from the healing perspective of connectivity.

Apron Chronicles features photography, personal narratives, and one-of-a-kind aprons, and lets visitors add their own stories to the experience. And while the storytellers’ recollections were each prompted by an apron, they’re not about fabric. Sharing a depth of emotion and social complexity both intimately personal and universally relatable, the exhibit reminds us that we're all in this together.

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