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Navajo (Diné) Pine Pitched Yei bi chei Pottery Vase

Navajo Dine Pine Pitched Yei bi chei - Pottery Vase

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The Navajo (Din) Pine Pitched Yei bi chei pottery vase is designed by Ken and Irene White. Their unique style of pottery uses a blend of traditional and contemporary techniques. Coils of clay are layered to build the bowl shape. The pot is sealed using a traditional pine pitch coating to finish.

The Yei-bi-chei are supernatural beings in Navajo culture and with the power to heal. Male figures have round heads and female Yeis have rectangular heads.


  • 3.5" x 12" circumference
  • Created by Navajo artisans Ken and Irene, a husband and wife creative team
  • Signed with initials "IW Navajo"
  • Pieces are one of a kind and may differ slightly in design from shown