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Book cover with images of two buffalo soldiers

Buffalo Soldiers: reVision

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In July of 1866, Congress passed the Army Reorganization Act, establishing six all-Black cavalry and infantry regiments. While African Americans had fought in every prior American military conflict, these units, which became known as Buffalo Soldiers, became the first peacetime regular regiments. Between 1875 and 1879, soldiers in the 9th Cavalry were stationed at Fort Garland.

As the United States pushed westward in its relentless conquest of land, Buffalo Soldiers found themselves serving the country at the expense of Native Americans who had called this land home for millennia.

The companion book to the Buffalo Soldiers: reVision exhibition at the Fort Garland Museum & Cultural Center. The exhibition at the intersection of history, art, and place, exploring the complex the history and legacy of Buffalo Soldiers. Envisioned by lead artist Chip Thomas, aka jetsonorama, and in collaboration with several of the most talented and thoughtful artists across the country, reVision disrupts the mythology of the American West through the lens of the Buffalo Soldier experience.


  • History Colorado Publications
  • Paperback, 106 pages
  • 7" X 9"
  • Published 2023