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Cosmo’s Dog Biscuit Bakery

Cosmo's Dog Biscuit Bakery

Once upon a time……there was a CAT named Cosmo. Cosmo shared his home with very likable dogs, but the chasing thing, and the slobbers on his head, were enough to make anyone see stars. To say the least, it was just a bit annoying for poor Cosmo. It was time to find a distraction for his dog pals. So, Cosmo persuaded his human companion, Laurin, to try making delicious, healthy treats as “decoys” for the dogs. IT WORKED! Cosmo's Dog Biscuit Bakery was founded in 1995 in a small shop in Denver—much to the delight of fellow felines and the canine community. It has been over 20 years of making cats and dogs happy treat by treat.

Cosmo’s is owned and operated by a warm and spirited animal lover, along with a team of equally kind-hearted employees, all exhibiting the joy that our animals bring to us. They will always greet you and your furry pals with a smile and a treat. Cosmo’s Dog Biscuit Bakery is the first and possibly only dog biscuit bakery to have been founded by a CAT! To this day, Cosmo is with us in mind and spirit.

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