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Karl Christian Krumpholz

Originally from a city on the East Coast, award-winning cartoonist Karl Christian Krumpholz’s work has appeared in many different formats, publications, and was even animated in a documentary.

Queen City author artist cartoonist Karl Christian Krumpholz

His newest book is a tribute to the Mile High City and the places that have been lost through the years: Queen City: A Brief History and Illustrated Architecture New and Old of Denver. The collection of comics tells this town’s rich history through energetic illustrations of iconic buildings, bars, theaters and more from this town's founding in 1858 through present-day.

As Denver's many bars, restaurants, and music venues struggled— and disappeared—during the pandemic, Krumpholz was inspired to memorialize them on paper. He did so in his comics in the Westword, which eventually came together to form Queen City. Denver Post's The Know called Queen City "Krumpholz’s magnum opus of civic cartooning."

Karl is currently working on the weekly ‘The Denver Bootleg’ comic for Denver's Westword newspaper; 'Nothing but Suitcases,' a comic about living on the street and the plight of the homeless done for the City of Denver; the sequel to his biographical comic ‘An Introduction to Alcohol’; and ’30 Miles of Crazy,’ the continuing series of short stories and slice of life comics set in the city.

Karl lives in Denver and is a self-professed owner of too many hats. 

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