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Queen City, the newest book from award-winning cartoonist and author Karl Christian Krumpholz, available in the History Colorado Shop.

Queen City Book by Karl Christian Krumpholz

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Everyone knows that the Mile High City has enormous character, but no one captures that character with as much artistry and detail as local artist and award-winning cartoonist Karl Christian Krumpholz.

In Queen City: A Brief History and Illustrated Architecture New and Old of Denver, Colorado, iconic places spring to life to tell this town's rich history.

Booms and busts, historic moments, and colorful characters are all presented in this collection with personality and finesse. Over time, businesses close, structures crumble, and the memories of how things were in happier moments fade. This collection documents the very things that make Denver a city like no other.


  • By local artist Karl Christian Krumpholz
  • 160 pages 
  • Published in Denver, CO by Tinto Press, a boutique publisher of creator-owned, independent comics graphic novels, and mini comics.

Signed prints of select illustrations from Queen City are also available. Click here